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The town is centred around the river and, on the west bank, the old market has been converted into a modern market place with shops and cafés where you can sit by the river. The new market (for fish, fish, fruit and vegetables, meat, bread, sweets, lots of other things and fish) is a ten minute walk along the river to the south of the old market and the best buys are still to be had early in the day. A further twenty minutes down river will bring you to 'Quatro Aguas', the Tavira sea-front. From here you can take the boat to the Atlantic beaches of Ilha Tavira. In summer, the boats also run from the town quay by the old market and this is perhaps a better option than the 25 minute walk when it is hot.
From Praça de la Republica near the Roman Bridge <http://www.molon.de/galleries/Portugal/EastAlgarve/imagehtm/image2.htm> at the top end of the street from the old market (5 minutes), there is a 'tourist train' (like Thomas the Tank Engine but red and with road wheels) which runs round the town and to Quatro Aguas throughout the year.


Probably the most popular in any list of Algarve vacation activities. There are many and varied Algarve golf courses, for which the region is justly famous. Enthusiast friends tell me that, apart from the 'wow factor' of the Algarve's scenery, there are golf courses to test your game to the limit, whatever your standard of play. See the seperate section of individual local courses.

And if staying on terra firma doesn't top your list of great pastimes for an Algarve vacation, why not try sailing? It's no surprise, with a coastline and a climate like the Algarve's, that 'messing about in boats' is so popular.

Whether you're interested in hiring a yacht, or just finding somewhere to moor you own vessel, there's plenty of choice for sailing <http://www.algarve-beach-life.com/sailing.html> in the Algarve.

If this is your sport, you might like to try out an Algarve vacation at one of the region's top-class tennis clubs and tennis centres.
Yes, you can improve those strokes at the same time as enjoying some of the loveliest settings in the Iberian peninsula.
Whatever your standard, you'll find a club or facility (with a qualified coach if you wish) that's just right for you.

There's a choice of the all-action, deep-sea angling experience, with the chance of catching something worth boasting about, or you could opt for the more tranquil pastime conducted from a beach, rock, jetty or the edge of a reservoir.
Most resorts have places that hire out fishing equipment. Some fishermen will charge a reasonable sum to take you out to sea in their boats, but be prepared for a more 'basic' experience than you'd get on a 'proper' deep-sea angling trip.


Needless to say, in a friendly climate such as provided by that wonderful Algarve weather, many more active holidaymakers opt for the thrills and spills of Algarve watersports.
Or perhaps you'd rather do something more restful, like exploring the beautiful coastline in a masted sailing ship, or just relaxing on a pleasure trip or river cruise?
Whatever your aquatic taste and requirements, here's a page where you can read all about the variety of Algarve vacation activities that can include watersports <http://www.algarve-beach-life.com/algarve-watersports.html>.


The Algarve is famous for its horses. And the countryside can be appreciated at a more leisurely pace while you're on horseback. There are riding schools that cater to all levels of ability.
Hone your equestrian skills <http://www.algarve-beach-life.com/horse-riding-in-the-algarve.html>, or just enjoy the fabulous Algarve scenery while perched atop a noble steed.


A recent addition to the list of fun things to do on your Algarve vacation, these so-called safaris are a great way to take in the less accessible parts of inland Algarve.
You'll be driven around in off-roaders like Jeeps or Land Rovers, so the type of terrain you encounter won't be a problem.
If you like the idea, contact :
Zebra Safari
The Strip
Tel: 289 583 300


You can see marine creatures in one of the aquaria that are dotted about the Algarve, or... as Nature intended, in the ocean.
Enjoy a day out with the dolphins at:
Dolphin Safari
Marina de Portimão
Tel: 282 792 586
or there's another at Marina de Lagos (same telephone number).


The Algarve year includes many cultural and religious events. You might like to see what goes on when, so that you can incorporate some of it into your own Algarve vacation, whenever and wherever it takes place.


If painting or drawing the wonderful Algarve scenery is not your thing, but you'd like to look at the results of someone else's artistic endeavour, there's plenty to choose from, wherever you spend your Algarve vacation.
Most sizeable towns have a cultural centre, and there are art galleries well worth a look at Lagos, Sao Bras de Alportel, Almancil, Tavira, Boliqueime, and Portimão.
There are also wonderful examples of local glassmaking skills and crystal ware. Keep your eyes peeled as you travel around the region. (But Loulé is a good place to start looking).