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(quote from the Lonely Planet guidebook) “This picturesque town straddling the Rio Gilao river 3km from the coast is still remarkably unspoilt. Elegant 18TH century houses border the river, castle ruins overlook at least 37 churches in a tangle of old cobbled streets, 16th century mansions with manueline window-flourishes line the back streets, and fishing boats bob at the quay. Recent restoration projects – including converting the former riverside market into a restaurant and shopping venue – have spruced up the town even further”

A trip to the main town of Tavira, a historic tuna fishing port, is a must. Tavira is one of the Algarve's oldest and most beautiful towns. It's a quirky gem with fine old houses, towers, cobbled squares, medieval battlements and famous roman bridge. Elegant cafes spill out onto streets lined with feathery pepper tress. There are plenty of cosy restaurants to relax and enjoy the wonderful selection of fresh seafood accompanied by the famous Portuguese wines.